Sue (Or in a Season of Crime) – David Bowie


4 Stars

David Bowie’s latest single, ‘Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)’, was debuted on BBC Radio 6 Music on Sunday 12.10.2014. Released in connection to his forthcoming greatest hits compilation Nothing Has Changed, the piece acts as a statement for Bowie’s continued experiment with different music genres, which has defined his career. The seven-and-a-half minutes of experimental jazz has rock undertones, and is reminiscent of Bowie’s Station to Station period. Although the vocals sound slightly strained and operatic in places, ‘Sue’ is an odyssey for the ears. The lyrics are brave and thought provoking; expressing love, insecurity, drama, loss and heartache simultaneously. The tune of the song itself can be hard to decipher, swelling and ebbing like the sea, and its uniqueness challenges the listener. Bowie is not complacent and the song is much more experimental than anything on The Next Day.


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