Scandi Queens – three Scandinavian pop sensations you need to know about

In the constant search for study music, and the (sometimes) amusing happenstance of YouTube auto-play, I have discovered a few new artists this past week. In particular, Scandinavian women seem to have come up quite a bit. Perhaps it is because I miss my little home town in Norway, or because Scandinavia seems to be producing great pop music right now, either way, here is a short introduction to my favourite scandi queens of contemporary pop.

Tove Styrke



Featured both in Time Magazine and the New York Post, this Swedish babe is someone to take notice of. Not to be confused with Tove Lo, I first discovered Tove Styrke through her cover of Britney Spears’s ‘… One More Time’. As a singer songwriter, her album Kiddo (2015) feature lyrics that are unapologetically feminist, cheeky and emotional, and her tunes are catchy and fun. I’ve listened to ‘Borderline’ countless times, but ‘Even If I’m Loud It Doesn’t Mean I’m Talking to You’ hits the nail on the head when she sings: ‘I think you’re stuck in that me myself and I romance / But that’s too wild for you man to understand [. . .] I know you feel that pop doesn’t really have a clue / But even if I’m loud it doesn’t mean I’m talking to you’. Her recent collaboration with Big Wild on the song ‘Aftergold’ is also worth giving giving a listen.





This blonde Norwegian first caught my eye when she appeared on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon in April. To my discredit, I forgot I saw it until I recently re-watched the clip on YouTube. Her performance reminds me simultaneously of Lorde and Björk, with a dash of Susanne Sundfør thrown in. Her most watched music video on YouTube (not counting the ‘Half a World Away’ John Lewis Christmas advert) is ‘Runaway’, but personally I prefer ‘Running With the Wolves’ and her latest single, ‘I Went to Far’. Her debut album ‘All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend’ (2016) has a plethora of tones and moods, from melancholic to joyous and everything in-between.




Mø’s debut album, ‘No Mythologies to Follow’ (2015), is an album that I keep returning to. Perhaps the most high-profile artist on this list, this Danish girl is fun, fierce and ever so hypnotic. Recently, her most commercially successful songs have been collaborations with the likes of Major Lazer (‘Lean On’) and Iggy Azalea (‘Beg For It’), however, her ‘Final Song’ and ‘Kamikaze’ have both been very successful in their own right. For my part, ‘Pilgrim’ will always be a favourite, if in part due to its clever music video.


Here is a playlist featuring all the songs mentioned in this post!